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TaoTronics Ice Maker Review

What is the TaoTronics Nugget Ice Maker?

This is a countertop ice maker for your home, office or RV trailer. It’s a convenient way to make ice when you don’t have a fridge ice maker. When you’re in need of a small batch of great nugget-sized ice, this product is something to definitely consider.

Is This Ice Maker Easy to Use?

Yes, it’s definitely easy to use. There’s two ways to get this ice maker hooked up. You can manually fill it with ice or you can connect it to a water line. So if you’re in a remote area but still have power, you can refill water with a jug. If you want this thing working full time, just hook it up to a water line and you’re set for continuous ice.

TaoTronics Ice Maker Review
TaoTronics Ice Maker Review

Testing The Ice Maker

We had ice within 20 minutes! After about 40 minutes we had enough nugget- ice to fill 3 (8 oz) glasses. This was crazy cool. We didn’t hook it up to a waterline. We just filled it with water, turned on the ice maker and walked away. After about 20 minutes we looked in the window and saw small nugget sized ice cubes. It’s definitely fast-producing and enjoyed the small ice with some drinks.

TaoTronics Ice Maker Review
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TaoTronics Ice Maker Pro’s

  • Ice is made so quickly, it’s mind-blowing.
  • The nugget size ice is always delicious. There’s something refreshing about drinking with crushed or nugget-style ice rather than big cubes in a glass.
  • Convenient way to have soft nugget ice rather than trying to manually crush big and hard ice cubes.
  • Great to have at parties or big gatherings for extra ice ready to serve.
  • You don’t need to have plumbed water to fill the ice maker. Pouring water into it is easy, quick and simple.
  • Stylish design with a see through window to watch the ice dispensed.
  • Sensor tells you when the ice is full. To have an endless supply of this nugget ice just freeze the ice in a bag and make more to save for later.
  • The motor is pretty quiet to our surprise.
  • Easy to clean and wipe down.

TaoTronics Ice Maker Con’s

  • It’s big and heavy.
  • Takes up space in a small kitchen. You should have alot of storage space somewhere in your house.
  • After the ice catching bin is full, you have to immediate freeze it in a bag. The ice maker itself doesn’t hold the ice like a freezer would. But the ice holder is slotted, so the melting ice water drips down to the reservoir to make more ice. So essentially it’s always being filled with new ice so you don’t really have to freeze it for parties as it replenishes with fresh ice. Also, it’s well insulated enough to where if you left the ice overnight in the ice maker, it hasn’t totally melted. So this insulation feature is actually better than it is bad.
  • The price. It can vary, but don’t expect it to be super cheap.

Final Review: Is the TaoTronics Ice Maker worth the purchase?

If you have the budget and are in the market for an ice maker, yes it’s definitely worth it. The convenience of having small crushed ice is awesome. We love drinking with smaller or crushed style ice, especially when you’re wanting it QUICK. But if you’re not wanting to spend more than $100 for an ice maker, this isn’t for you.

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