What’s the best air fryer oil spray bottle? For best air frying results, it’s helpful too use a good high smoke point oil. Having a great oil pump spray is fantastic to help lightly oil foods and keeping them healthier and less greasy. Let’s talk about all these important details to make your air fried foods delicious and successful.

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What are The Best Oils for Air Frying?  High Smoke Point Oils

The best oils are high smoke point (or flashpoint) oils that won’t burn at high temperatures. What does this mean? Some oils start smoking at high temperatures and because air fryer cooking has the cooking element/coils close to the foods, smoking and burning can often occur. Using a high smoke point oil that won’t smoke at high temps will give better tasting foods and less smoking issues.

What are the best high smoke point oils for your air fryer foods?

There’s several different types of oils that work great for air frying. Here’s our list and below to help you decide what you prefer to use because all these oils have different flavors too. 

Guide to smoke points for you to reference based on the food you’re air frying:

  1. Avocado Oil: 375-400°F/190-205°C
  2. Grape Seed Oil: 390°F/195°C
  3. Peanut Oil: 450°F/230°C
  4. Vegetable Oil: 400-450°F/205-230°C
  5. Sesame Oil: 350-410°F/175-210°C
  6. Olive Oil: If you’re air frying at a temperature of around 375°F/190°C or less, regular olive oil is great too. Sometimes using regular olive oil at 400°F/205°C or higher can start to burn and give off a rancid smell. Also, if you have a small air fryer or stuff your air fryer with food too high it will be too close to the heating element which will cause to burn.
  7. Here’s the more detailed discussion on high smoke point oils.

Here’s some Oil Sprayers with Different Oil Choices

Great for High Heat

No Propellants

Great for High Heat

No Propellants

Great for Med-High Heat

No Propellants

Best Oil Sprayers or Pumps for Air Frying 

Re-fillable Oil Sprayers are helpful tools for air frying foods because it coats ingredients evenly. You also use less, which is healthier. But some oil sprays are better than others for the environment and also for the longevity of your air fryer basket. We discuss the differences between different types of oil sprays for your air fryer. And we highlight the best ones that we prefer after hundreds of air fryer test recipes.

Tips for Deciding what Sprays are Best: 

  • Avoid: Conventional canned or pressurized propellant oil sprays or oil pump sprays with propellants. Propellant pumps and sprays have chemicals added to them, which isn’t ideal for your health. Also, propellant oils have been known to make the lining peel off your basket when cooked at high temperatures. Folks in our air fryer club and air fryer world facebook groups have shown how the lining of their basket peeling from the propellant sprays.
  • Good: Buy a good pump spray or spritzer and fill it with favorite high flash point oil. This not only saves you money, but is also better for your health and for the environment. You can use this for all of your cooking and not just for air fryer cooking.

This pump style glass bottle sprayer has work great for us too, and didn’t clog up over time as much as many other brands we’ve used and is more stylish looking. Though it doesn’t hold as much oil and you’ll need to pump it before spraying, it’ll look nicer on your counter for those who love design.

We LOVE these Evo Oil Sprayers . They’re not the prettiest, but they’re functional and spritz oil great! They don’t clog up like the cheapie ones. There are several bottle types, but they all seem to have the same great spray head. Gives a good dispersed spray. Easily our kitchen favorite and it works great for grilling too!

  • Caution purchase: Quite a few brands of the “misters and sprayers” that we’ve bought from high end kitchen stores can be seem good at first, but nearly every one of them began to clog up over time even with proper maintenance. These that we’ve recommended above have worked for us with regular use for at least a couple years (the Evo brand we’ve had for even longer, several years).
  • Another thing to consider is how fine or splattery the spray is. Some work fine for BBQ scenarios but are too heavy of a spray for air frying, and others will be too fine or require too much pumping for too little oil.

Don’t have an oil spray? It’s ok.

It’s not mandatory use a spray to coat your food. You can also use a brush to oil your food too! Or if you’re marinating anything, you obviously don’t have to spray nor brush with oil. Just add the food to a bowl and lightly drizzle the oil on the food or use how ever much the recipe calls for.

The OXO Silicone Basting Brushes are by far our favorite brushes in the kitchen. The unique head design holds liquids better than any other silicone brush we’ve used.

This 5-Piece Silicone Brush Set is a great starter set. With silicone spatula and different sized brushes, it is a great buy.

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