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Kyvol Review

Review: Kyvol Air Fryer AF 600

Today we’re excited to be reviewing this Kyvol Epichef AF 600 Air Fryer. This is truly a unique one of a kind bucket air fryer with features that we have never seen before in any bucket air fryer that we have reviewed. You can read our previous air fryer reviews here. This bucket style air fryer has a detachable non-stick air frying basket and has smart controls via WiFi that you can control for your phone via an app. So this is definitely a state of the art air fryer for all you techies out there who love smart devices. Check out their website for more Air fryer information.

What Makes Kyvol Air Fryer Unique?

Your can see the food through the bucket! This is truly unique because all other bucket style air fryers we’ve cooked with do not have a see-though window. The Kyvol has a see-through window that allows you to see the food as it’s cooking. This is a huge game changer because you can monitor the food visually on how crispy it is by looking through the window. You don’t have to open the bucket like other air fryers, thus releasing hot air. There’s no disruption of heat during the cooking cycle if you need to check on your food.

Kyvol air fryer review


We tested a batch of chicken drumsticks in the Kyvol air fryer and it was crazy easy. The best experience about cooking these drumsticks is that we just kept checking on the chicken by seeing it through the window of the basket. We didn’t have to keep pulling out the bucket to check on the drumsticks. The motor is strong too which cooked the drumsticks perfectly and created a great crisp outside texture. YUM!

Drumsticks in basket

Kyvol Pro’s

  • Large capacity bucket. This can definitely cook a 5 pound whole chicken. Easy “roast” chicken dinner for the whole family!
  • The see through window for sure is a major added bonus and unique feature. If your food is burning you can see immediately and not guess by keep opening the bucket to check on food.
  • Powerful and quiet motor: The motor is definitely one of the most quiet Motors we’ve cooked with and it’s powerful enough to cook a whole chicken.
  • WiFi Functions that you can smart-control via an app on your phone. You can customize “My Recipe” button to set to the last favorite dish that you cooked. There’s also 100+ pre-programmed recipes ready for you to use in the Kyvol community.
  • 12 preset cooking programs on the Panel with touch screen control. It’s an easy way to familiarize yourself with some basic foods to get started with your air frying life. Kyvol air fryer review
  • Easy to clean basket and removable base tray. It’s dishwasher friendly too. Kyvol air fryer review
  • A screen that covers the heating coil element. We love this feature because it’s like a guard to keep food particles from hitting the the heating coils. This helps minimize smoking and burning! epichef af 600
  • Super stylish design. Kyvol has the most stylish and matte design of any air fryer we’ve seen. We call it the sexy “James Bond” of air fryers.
  • You can purchase Kyvol air fryer here .

Kyvol Con’s

  • The price. It might be about $30 more than most other air fryers of similar size, but for the window feature and the stylish design it’s definitely worth the price. If you’re going to have it sit on your countertop, you want something cool looking. The Kyvol is definitely stylish enough to deserve your countertop space.
  • The size. Just like so many other 6qt air fryers, these have a larger footprint. If you have a really small apartment kitchen, this air fryer might take up quite a bit of room. But if you’re willing to make some space, you might find that you’ll be air frying more often and might not even need your stove!

Overall Review: Is the Kyvol Worth the Purchase?

Yes, especially if you plan on cooking a lot of food. Or if you want to upgrade your existing small air fryer to a larger 6qt. bucket. For more information check out their website.

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