With all the different and delicious recipes that can be made with canned biscuit dough, have you thought about air frying them? Quick and easy doughs like Pillsbury Grand and other brands are perfect for air frying. Here’s our list of air fryer recipes with canned biscuit dough that you can make year round.

Air fryer canned biscuit dough recipes

Click here for all our–> Air Fryer recipes with canned biscuit dough. There’s so many amazing things you can air fry with this easy to use refrigerated biscuit dough. From sweet to savory, the delicious possibilities are endless.

How to air fry canned biscuit dough

air fryer canned biscuits

The first and most simple thing to do with this refrigerated biscuit dough is to just air fry biscuit dough for biscuits instead of baking them. If you’re wanting to just eat 1-2, it’s not worth heating up the big regular oven. Use your air fryer to bake quick biscuits! Here’s the tips on how to air fry canned biscuit dough for a quick and easy morning biscuit. Make sure to add some butter and honey at the end! Yum.

Air Fryer Pizza with Biscuit Dough

Cooked biscuit dough pizzas in air fryer basket

Craving a quick and easy pizza? Here’s our recipe for making–> air fryer pizza using biscuit dough. Add your favorite sauce and toppings and you have a quick snack, appetizer or dinner. It’s also a great dish to make with kids and have then help assemble and make their own mini pizzas.

Easy Donuts with Biscuit Dough in Air Fryer

Easy Donut Recipe in Air Fryer | AirFryerWorld.com

Quick, warm and homemade doughnuts in the air fryer is so simple! It’s really a great easy dessert when you want to whip something up quick in the morning. And again, it’s a great dish to make with the kids. Here’s the recipe for air fryer biscuit dough donuts.

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