What’s the best air fryer baking dishes or bakeware for air fryers? We another great guide for you to learn about all your options. With so many different models of air fryers, you want to know all your options before making the best purchase.

air fryer baking dishes

What’s The Best Air Fryer Baking Dishes?

The challenge is finding the right bakeware that fits your air fryer interior capacity. With so many styles, shapes and sizes of air fryer out on the market, you can easily get frustrated in finding the bakeware that fits. Here’s some lists of things to know about in making your air fryer bakeware purchase:

  • Know the INTERIOR size of your air fryer and NOT the overall capacity size. Not all same size capacity air fryers have the same interior size. Some are wider than they are taller and some are taller than they are wide.
  • So for example a 6 qt bucket air fryer by one manufacturer might not have the same interior size as another 6qt manufacturer. Thus, you just might be returning a baking dish that “barely” fits your model.
  • Any bakeware that is labeled as “oven safe” will work with air fryers.
  • But some oven safe dishware might have a limit on how hot they can be baked in. So be mindful of knowing how hot you’ll be air frying your food and make sure the bakeware can heat up to that specific temperature.
  • These two different air fryer baskets are sold as “5 quart” but the interior sizes are so different! More details and helpful photos on what to look for are below. So keep reading! oven safe air fryer baking dish

Avoid Baking Dishes with Big Handles

These handles get in the way of fitting into air fryer baskets and ovens. The handles take up previous space that keeps the actual baking vessel from fitting into the interior air fryer capacity.

air fryer baking dishes

Choose Bakeware with Minimal or No Handles

The smaller or no handled dishes, the bigger the bakeware you can fit into the air fryers. For example, if you have a 2 qt baking dish with handles but the handles might keep the dish from fitting in the air fryer interior space. But if you had a larger 2.5 qt dish with NO handles, this just might fit. So you’ll be able to fit a larger capacity baking dish if there’s no handles in the way.

  • This small square baking dish with minimal handles was able to fit in our 6 qt air fryer. But this 6 qt air fryer has no re-moveable basket, which gives more space all around the interior and was able to fit this square baking dish. Other 6 qt. bucket style air fryers with a removable basket would not have the interior space to fit this square baking dish. baking dish for bucket air fryer
  • This green baking dish with no handles cooked our air fryer stuffing recipe perfectly in our oven style air fryer. Because it has no handles, it would be able to fit into oven style air fryers with a smaller interior footprint. air fryer stuffing dish

Favorite Bakeware or Baking Dishes for your Air Fryer

Here’s our list of favorite bakeware for air frying. So remember, measure the INTERIOR size of your air fryer and NOT the overall capacity size. Not all same size capacity air fryers have the same interior size. Some are wider than they are taller and some are taller than they are wide. Knowing the interior size will help you select the right vessel to buy.

Air Fryer Accessory Bucket

This is our favorite baking dish for bucket-stle air fryers because of the easy to use handle. There’s no bulky handles on the sides but the handle makes it easy to grab the dish with hot food. We used this bucket to make our yummy air fryer scalloped potatoes recipe.

Bucket-style Baking Pan

These bucket-style baking cake pans are perfect for this recipe. They are often found in air fryer accessory kits, but you can buy just the pan here. The handles make it much easier to take out of basket style air fryers.

non stick baking pan for air fryer

Non-Stick Cake Pans: Round and Square

Traditional non-stick baking pans are great! They don’t have bulky handles and there’s so many different sizes for different air fryer interiors. You can easily find a round or square baking pan to fit your round or oven-styler air fryer.

Non-Stick Pie pans or Spring Form Pans

Just like the non-stick square and round pans, these pie pans do the job too. They’re not just for making pie. You can use these as a baking dish or base tray for anything you need to air fry.

Non-Stick Loaf Pan

Use these for making small loaf breads, air fryer dips or as a casserole dish. Just don’t fill these too high with raw foods because the height of these loaf pans might not cook all the way to the center.

Glass Baking Dishes for Air Fryers

These glass baking dishes are great because they usually have minimal handles. Also, there’s so many different brands and sizes available that you’re very likely able to find one that fits the interior of your air fryer

glass baking dishes

CorningWare Bakeware Sets are Great Air Fryer Baking Dishes

These baking dishes by CorningWare are great because they don’t handles. And they’re available in different sizes. Best of all, they’re clean and elegant white that is perfect for serving at a nice dinner or for Holiday Recipes.

Corningware bakeware

Easy Air Fryer Resources and Recipes to Try:

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