We’ve compiled our list of best air fryer accessories. These are really helpful tools to make air frying food better and easier.

Top 10 Air Fryer Accessories for Air Frying

Best Air Fryer Accessories  

If you don’t own an air fryer yet, here’s our discussion on the best air fryers. There’s lots of easy meals to look forward to and with the help of awesome accessories, you can indulge in lots of foods you never thought of air frying. Take your food to another level! You can air fry foods that you didn’t think you could cook in this appliance. 

Guide of top accessories for Air Fryers 

  1. Air Fryer Perforated Silicone Mats: These mats are fantastic for keeping food from sticking on your air fryer basket or wire racks. Because they’re food grade silicone, they can cook up to 430°F and are food safe. Best of all, cleaning is super duper easy! Cooking delicate foods like fish is great because the fish releases easy without tearing. And did we mention how easy these silicone mats are easy to clean? Oh yes, we did. That alone is worth the price.
  2. This 8-inch accessory kit for larger air fryers (5.3 qt-5.8qt) has so many great starter pieces we talk about below. You can buy the whole set or some individual pieces with the links we provide below. Best Air Fryer Accessories AirFryerWorld.com
  3. Here’s the accessory kit for smaller air fryers that range from 3.2-3.7 qt. air fryers.
  4. Parchment sheets. We love these using parchment sheets to keep certain foods from sticking like fried chicken, wings and other meats. Read our article on 10 reasons on why you should be using parchment when air frying. Make sure to follow your manufacturers suggested safe use of parchment sheets. And don’t ever pre-heat your air fryer with solo parchments sheets. They will fly around, hit the heating element and burn. buttermilk fried chicken on parchment
  5. Silicone pots to replace parchment paper. This is another option to keep food from sticking to your bucket, trays or racks. They don’t allow the same air flow as the perforated silicone liners, but they make clean up easy.
  6. Shallow Baking Pans or “pizza pan”. These are perfect for cooking scrambled eggs, baked eggs, deep dish cookies or anything that needs a shallow pan. They come in different sizes, so make sure to buy the right size for your air fryer.
  7. Deep Baking Pans: Cake pans or barrel pans. Not just for baking small cakes, these are great for making cheesy dips. The high sides keeps the dips from boiling over during air frying.
  8. Skewers and rack. Making skewers or kebabs are fantastic in the air fryer! These are also great to put on top of pizzas and other recipes in the air fryer to keep the toppings from flying off. We use these all the time for that purpose. It’s the best!skewer kebab rack
  9. Tortilla Stand for Crispy Tacos – Yes, it’s true can make crispy tacos! It’s such a cool way to easily make crispy taco shells without having to deep fry them in greasy oil. 
  10. Silicone Trivet. This is valuable to place your hot air fryer basket on so you don’t melt or ruin your countertop.
  11. Silicone Tongs. If you have a non-stick or ceramic lined air fryer pan, you need these. They won’t scratch your surfaces and will help prolong the life of your baskets
  12. Silicon muffin or cupcake cups. We love these for cupcakes, muffins or baked eggs. Read our detailed article on how to cook baked eggs in air fryer how to cook baked eggs in air fryer.different silicone cups with air fryer baked eggs
    1. Pizza pan from the 3.2qt. – 3.7qt Accessory Set (7″ size) – This very versatile little pan can serve up to 4 large eggs. The low pan allows the eggs to cook quicker too.
    2. Wilton Mini Silicone Tart Molds- Small and perfect for one large egg per mold. Ideal for multiple single-egg servings. If you’re wanting to add milk and other ingredients, these might be too small.
    3. Jumbo Sized Silicone Baking Muffin Shaped Cups- Works great for more ambitious baked eggs where you want to do a double egg or extra bacon, spinach, cheese, sausage, yum… They also have a standard sized cup.
    4. Large Bakerpan Smooth Sided Silicone Baking Cups- Same as the Jumbo sized silicone cups, except these don’t look like muffin cups. They have straight edges for easier cleaning.
    5. Standard Size OXO Silicone Baking Cup- These are awesome because they have little handles for easier holding. But they only come in small sizes, so ideal for single egg servings. These are one of our favorite silicone cups to use in either the air fryer or the regular oven.
    6. Standard Sized Silicone Baking Muffin Shaped Cups- Adorable and great for single egg servings.

Best Oil Spray Bottle for Air Fryers

The best oils are high smoke point (or flashpoint) oils that won’t burn at high temperatures. What does this mean? Some oils start smoking at high temperatures and because air fryer cooking has the cooking element/coils close to the foods, smoking and burning can often occur. Using a high smoke point oil that won’t smoke at high temps will give better tasting foods and less smoking issues.

  1. We talk about the best oils to use here. Read our detailed write up on the best oils for air frying. 
  2. You’ll need a quality oil spray bottle to refill oil. Here’s two of our favorites, though we lean towards the EVO brand because it does spray a little more evenly.

We LOVE these Evo Oil Sprayers. They’re not the prettiest, but they’re functional and spritz oil great! They don’t clog up like the cheapie ones. There are several bottle types, but they all seem to have the same great spray head. Gives a good dispersed spray. Easily our kitchen favorite and it works great for grilling too!

This pump style glass bottle sprayer has work great for us too, and didn’t clog up over time as much as many other brands we’ve used and is more stylish looking. Though it doesn’t hold as much oil and you’ll need to pump it before spraying, it’ll look nicer on your counter for those who love design.

Here’s our list and discussion–> Best Air Fryers and Different Styles To Choose From 

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