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Hot Dogs

Air Frying hot dogs is one of the best things ever. The hot circulating air makes the hot dogs taste like they’re lightly grilled. We prefer air fryer hot dogs over boiling them and microwaving. Enjoy our big list of how to air fry different types of hot dogs along with other cool recipes with hot dogs.

Cooking Hot Dogs in Air Fryer

There’s so many different types of hot dogs and weiner dogs out there. Play around by air frying different types, styles and flavors of hot dogs.

Pro tip: make sure to also warm your hot dog buns in the air fryer too. Crisp the buns to be slightly crisp and warm. You won’t regret it and it’s a game changer. Don’t eat a cold bun with a warm hot dog. Where is the love?! Warm buns with warm hot dogs are magical.