Air fryer breading mixes are plentiful and great for making dinner amazing. Air frying isn’t just about cooking frozen foods as you can see from our list of fresh recipes in the air fryer. Starting with fresh ingredients like vegetables, chicken, seafood and pork chops are easy in the air fryer with the help of some fantastic air fryer mixes. Here’s our list of easy go-to seasonings, beadings and coatings. They’re ready to use and delicious!

Easy Air Fryer Shake-n-Bake Style Crispy Foods

Before you start reading about some top coatings, you should check out our collection of foods that use these coatings. From chicken, pork chops, fish to broccoli bites, there’s lots of delicious recipes to make. Here’s our list of —–> Shake n Bake style recipes in the air fryer here

Air Fryer Mixes, Seasonings and Coatings

Best Air Fryer Mixes, Breading for Chicken

We love crispy air fried chicken, especially when it’s healthier by not deep frying it in greasy oil. These seasoned coating mixes are fantastic when you’re craving “fried chicken” with the oil fry. The crunchy and flavorful textures are so good, you won’t miss all the deep fried oil fat.

Best Air Fryer Seafood Seasoning Mixes

Seafood in the air fryer is fantastic! With the help of these beading mixes that are pre-seasoned, crispy crunchy shrimp, seafood and fish are minutes away from a great dinner. If you’re eating healthy and don’t want all the greasy deep fried fat, then air frying is definitely the way to go!

Easy Air Fryer Coating Seasoning Mix for Pork

Air fried crispy breaded pork chops are easier than ever. We have a homemade version with a from-scratch breading recipe here, but if you’re in a bind, these pre-mixes are still great!

Air Fried Vegetable Mixes, Seasoned Breading

Healthy air fryer vegetables that are crispy and crunchy are fantastic! You don’t need all the oil and these flavorful mixes are used for other meats, but you can certainly use them on your favorite vegetable.

What is your favorite breading or seasoning mixes for the air fryer? Let us know in the comments below! 

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