Welcome to a new world of healthy air fried vegetable cooking and eating. These are the Best Air fryer Vegetables to keep you eating lighter with your favorite veggies.

Best Air Fryer Vegetables Collage

Air Fryer Vegetables Recipes

Even if you’re not a fan of vegetables in general, the air fryer cooks veggies to a wonderful crispy texture. This adds to a nice caramel flavor and makes vegetables extra tasty. But you can certainly control the texture of your vegetables by how long you decide to air fry them. Air frying vegetables adds so much more flavor when you add your favorite seasonings or spices.

Tips on Air Frying Vegetables

  • Don’t cook hard vegetables or root vegetables too big. The larger they are, the longer they take to air fry. And by the time the center is cooked, the outside might be dry or burnt.
  • If you’re cooking multiple types of vegetables, make sure they’re of the same texture. That way they can cook evenly and at the same time.
  • Keep your cuts even. Small pieces will burn by the time the bigger pieces are cooked through. So try your best to keep the cuts the same size.
  • Add dark spices or sauces after halfway through cooking or save till the end. Some dark spices might burn during cooking, so save it till the last few minutes of cooking to avoid burning.
  • For more firm or tough vegetables it helps to par boil or slightly cook them first in boiling water. Drain the veggies, then add your oil and seasonings before air frying. Brussels sprouts is one example of a vegetables that can benefit from boiling a bit first.
  • Hope you enjoy these air fryer vegetables

Best Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes:

Hope you enjoy all our air fryer vegetables recipes and share more of your favorite ways to air fry in the comments below.

Best Air Fryer Vegetables collage Best Air Fryer Vegetables Collage