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Vegan / Plant Based

Plant based or vegan recipes aren’t boring, they’re delicious! Eat more veggies and feel better. Our air fryer vegan recipes are super easy, fantastic and delicious. If you’re craving burgers, try our Air fried vegan burgers.

All these recipes do not have cheese, dairy, eggs nor animal products. If you want to add any type of dairy or cheese, visit our Air fryer Vegetarian recipes here.

air fryer vegan plant based recipes

Eating clean and healthy vegetables are the most obvious and best plant based foods. But now there’s different products out that make plant products and veggies to look like meat. These meat alternatives are so popular that they come in meat looking forms. The two most popular are Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat products.

There’s now vegan plant based chicken products, seafood products and dairy cheese, milk and more.

The world of plant based product has definitely grown tremendously, thus providing more options for air frying!